Child Protection is of paramount importance in DOMCCP programmes with various activities being carried out across Manicaland Province. In Nyanga during the year 2013, DOMCCP facilitated the establishment of 12 child-led schools development committees as character building in 9 primary schools and 3 secondary schools within the district. There is high retention of primary school students of ages 3 -9 years. The schools that were targeted on direct school fees payment include Bumhira, Samanyika, Dambakupetwa, Kagore, Kambudzi, Regina, Chatindo, Manyau and Dandadzi. From these schools 65 children are under the child sponsorship program supported by Action Aid Zimbabwe.

DOMCCP conducted 5 community sensitization meetings of birth registration in the district. As such, local traditional leaders have realized the need to totally support vulnerable groups within their areas of jurisdiction. It also increased community awareness on birth acquisition since it helped to eliminate negative economic, social, cultural and religious practices that arise from lack of identity documents. The facilitation of birth registration for vulnerable children in the district, which assisted 165 children (73 boys and 92 girls), improved orphans and vulnerable children retention in schools.

In Mutare rural district, activities carried out include direct school fees payment, school block grant support and school uniforms support towards OVC.


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