This is one of the interventions in Nyanga district that the organization is currently implementing in partnership with Action Aid and Misean Cara. Community vulnerability has often continued unabated in conditions where traditionally vulnerable groups like women and children are not fully accorded their human rights or they are not aware of them . In the same manner, DOMCCP has strengthened the educational support of orphans by providing information education and communication (IEC)materials, Early childhood equipment to pre-school infants, capacitating child protection committees, establishing child led school development committees and school youth clubs. 

The criteria for selection is impartial and participatory as it involves local stakeholders like traditional leaders, secondary caregivers and community advocacy committees. Priority is through looking at the extent of vulnerability of the orphans and other vulnerable children. Orphans and other vulnerable children in Zimbabwean context are those under the age of 18 who need extra help to live a better and a healthier life.  The major focus of the programme is to support children who do not have both parents (double orphans), or whose mother or father has passed away (single orphans), children who live with HIV and AIDS or whose carers live with HIV and AIDS.
The organization has lobbed and networked with  the National Registration Office to conduct mobile birth registrations in the district. It has been observed in periodic projects surveys and Monitoring and Evaluation that many children including the parents or guardians themselves have no identity documents, and this has thrown the future of these children into despair. Thus, awareness campaigns on the right to identity have also been conducted with the view of demystifying the otherwise false mentality that identify cards are not important at all. These identity documents have proved to be very important these days to children who have lost their family history or relations. In response to that, DOMCCP has emphasized on the setting of memory work project in the district. It is part and parcel of succession planning and involves parents disclosing their illness to their children, taking of family photographs and the construction of the family genogram. This has the psychological effect of soothing the children who have lost their parents.



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