Sexual behaviour change is critical in addressing vulnerability among some groups of our communities. Sexual behaviour change can be promoted through discussions on abstinence, faithfulness to one sexual partners and the need and importance of HIV testing and counselling (HTC). DOMCCP has taken these issues to the community through HIV & AIDS awareness campaigns. Theatre shows have been done in target areas like business centres, schools and during trainings where people gather in large groups. The production and distribution of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material in the form of pamphlets, newsletters, bill boards and posters has also enhanced access to information by a larger proportion of the community. DOMCCP has realized the need for community post-counselling through secondary caregivers as a way of promoting behaviour change. Home visits are conducted to support group members who are into income generating projects activities and visiting PLHIV in their homesteads. It has been identified that PLHIV and orphans faces the challenge of stigma and discrimination.  The home visits usually come with spiritual support; training quality home based care to primary caregivers and other mechanisms to improve the quality of the lives of PLHIV. Home visits have also served the purpose of evaluating project effectiveness in addressing the immediate needs of PLHIV and their families.   



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